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December 2008

Biggest Loser (from Panther)

by JP on December 18, 2008

If you don't know The Biggest Loser Finally was on Tuesday night.  WOW!  These people were losing anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of their previous total weights.  Every season I watch the show.  Some for train wreck TV (fatties trying to do some of these challenges is truely funny stuff), but also for some sort of inspiration.  The final show is always the best.  Just to see what a person can do who is generally around my weight.  That and watching that pretty gal with the chubby face turn into a total fox.  Good for them.  Give me a call.


This next season has a 19 year old kid over 450 lbs.  I can't hardly believe that.  Again ill be glued. 


Sorry no pic this week, but I have a 2 year old who loves tech stuff and hid the camera.  Still looking. .



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Checkpoint 5 (Panther)

by JP on December 15, 2008

I came into todays weigh in with little anticipation.  I mean the last time I actually made it to the gym was my last weigh in and all I did was step on the scale.  That being said I have been fairly consistant on my diet, or productive eating, as I like to call it now.   I did have some more than normal at Truck's family xmas get together/royals team party, and had a few pieces of pizza yesterday while paying jzilla back for moving couches.


The end result was yet another 3 lbs. of weight loss this period to 325. 


For nothing more than  diet change alone for the last two weeks I'll take it.  That puts the total loss at 32lbs. and 9% total weight lost in 2 and a half months. 

I still see the same kid in the mirrow though.  A picture with me in it is one you snuck with out me seeing.  So today was a full hour of on the treadmill.  50 minutes of that was 5k, and the last ten minutes a nice slow pace walk.  I can say the whole time on there was much easier that the last time I was at lifetime.  The lungs didn't burn as bad,  legs held up better, heart rate didn't climb like it was before, and I did actually feel alright when I was finished.  I followed that up with a bottle of reduced fat chocolate milk as reccomended by one of my cousins personal trainers.   I like that one. 


Well I shall wait to see what Truck comes up with after mixing in some more cardio, and wish the best to everybody else who has started up some sort of program of their own with us.


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Checkpoint 4 Panther

by JP on December 1, 2008

o here we are beginning the 3rd month of the challenge and i can say its been going well, but I can do better.  That being said at the weigh in this morning i lost another 4 lbs and entered the 320's.




Getting out of the 320's has been my latest weight loss hurdle over the last 2 years.  I've managed to get down to 322, but that's the lowest since I last tried four and a half years ago.  I'm excited guys and gals.  This rules, and as I enjoy my breakfast bowl with turkey sausage and low-fat cheese I know this is the time it works . . . and sticks.  Thanks Truck.  Thanks you guys.  Hope you all had a great holiday.



12/1/08 328 lbs.

12/1/08  328 lbs.[/caption

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