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March 2009

Checkpoint 11: Panther

by JP on March 17, 2009

Sorry for the lateness, but it was a busy weekend and with some family stuff to take care of.  The brother-in-laws truck was towed saturday night from in front of our house and was up for a few hours of the night early sunday morning and spent a lot of the day picking up the truck in bleepin SAVAGE?


So to the important stuff.  I have stayed the same this week.  Guess I am ok with that cause i know Ive busted my tail and am finally getting noticed for the the weightloss which is always great.  No pics this week.  I will save those for the final weigh in.


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Some pics

by JP on March 4, 2009

alrighty so i can't find my jersey right now so here is a head shot comparison a la truck, and hopefully a full shot soon.  Truck you look great my man.  Way to go.


Also I don't really have any good photo editing stuff and a primitave easy share camera so just ignore odd shapes and fuzzies between the two.

3-4-09 @ 31810-1-08 @ 357
3-4-09 @ 31                                                                                 10-1-08 @ 357

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As much as I would like to post a result here today I can not.  The scale it out of order at the club.  They told me it should be fixed tomorrow so I will be checking it again in the A.M.  with a post to follow.  Now time to thaw some chicken for dinner later.

UPDATE:  So did make it today and after a lousy week of being sick as a dog i have lost a pound.  I had been down 4 but the scale didn't like me today.  I will have some more tonight or tomorrow with pics that maybe i can update a la trucker.


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