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April 2011

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This last week and a half is working on my last nerve people.  I can't wait to be working and get back into a routine.  Transitioning into the next phase is a ton of work, and the health side of things (specifically activity, not related to walking around Target) is taking a hit.  I know I said it before, but I am starting to feel it now.  The slug

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gish feeling hits me several times a day and I know it's because I'm not getting the heart rate up.

The good news is that I had a doctors check up this week.  I stepped on the office scale not being able to remember what I was at the last time I had stepped on theirs.  The nurse didn't tell me, but during the questions she asked if I was following any specific diet.  I told her I was watching calories in and working out with strength and cardio.  I then asked her if it was a noticeable drop since my last visit, and she told me, “Yes,  if 35 lbs was noticeable”. . . followed with a smile and a way to go.  I was pretty happy until I had to do the spirometer.  For those who don't know, it's a tube that measures how much you can exhale and how much you can inhale.  Long story short, it told me I have the lungs of a 61 year old.  F-word.  Damned the cats, damned the smoking, damned the allergy induced asthma.  I also got blood drawn for some tests and when I get results I'll share.  I'm hoping my slightly elevated cholesterol numbers will be better this time around.   Nothing like getting measured results of what I have been doing.

With all that I still feel good because I am making progress.  I know that every decision I make though the day matters when it comes to my health.  I just need to get on to the next phase because the 24 hours I have each day don't seem to be adding up as my wife and I prepare childcare, try to figure out my schooling, assume work schedule for a job that doesn't have one,  mix in some activity, and still do everything that we need to do already each day.  They're good problems to have, I just keep telling myself that.


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the rollercoaster

by JP on April 26, 2011

Looking up at my future

The days are going much more quickly this week.  I feel like the last year has been spent in line for the roller coaster, moving slowly, shuffling toward a distant goal.  When I started school it's as if they added a second coaster into the rotation, the line picked up, and the line was gaining speed as we were herded to the front.  Last Thursday I made it to the front of the line.  Now we just popped out of the shoot and are picking up a bit of speed as we approach the climb up the big drop.  I'm sitting here looking at three tabs, this blog, county website for childcare, and my new companies website.  My offer letter came in the mail yesterday afternoon.  It shows everything we were talking about during interviews, and I'm still stuck in the surreal feeling that this time has finally come.  Happy, but battling the fog of staying at home for over a year.

I still have some paperwork to fill out, a drug test to knock out of the park, and I'll be calling in to take care of all of that once I finish typing this.

The thing that has taken at hit this week as I begin reseaching child care and preparing a schedule is my overall activity. I'm not too concerned as the food intake has been good, and I know that as soon as I start working I will see a level of activity that I haven't seen in over a year.  The hard part will be controlling food intake at that point with out a home base of operations, always running, and no real time to take a break.  This reminds me that I need to find my lunch pail in the garage.

So much to do and so little time to do it now.  I have the feeling that I will reach the to of the first drop next week on this roller coaster of life.  The day I start the free fall begins and time will, once again, begin to really fly.  I'm thankful for the time time I've had to spend with my son, but it's time to get back to work.


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I got it!

by JP on April 22, 2011

So this is the post where I thank everybody who sent best wishes and positive vibes my way this week.  My interview yesterday lasted a half hour.  Much of that time was spent by me waiting in the lobby.  When I was brought in to the bosses office I was offered the job, discussed pay, and was told that the offer will be put into the mail.  Holy hell that was fast!  I made a good enough impression on the initial interviewer that he really went to bat for me on Wednesday afternoon.  I won't be mentioning the name of the company, but if you really want to know I'll give up the goods behind the scenes.  I will be doing quality control for a local concrete company.  It will entail a lot of field work.  I'll be traveling back and forth between commercial construction sites to ensure the quality of the concrete.  The testing can be physical work, and climbing up and down the back of truck ladders sometimes a hundred in a day.  All in all I am one happy camper.  I know my stuff with construction materials, and this is a great fit.

I will also take this time to teach.  It's concrete not cement.  Cement is to flour as concrete is to bread if that makes sense.  Lesson over.  Don't ever let me hear you call it a cement sidewalk.  I might burst.

Time to clean the house now for our Easter gathering on Sunday.  I hope everybody has a great weekend whether you celebrate easter bunnies, zombie like saviors rising from the dead, or this is just another weekend.


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Looking up

by JP on April 21, 2011

This week has been crazy, but things are looking up.  There's been my grandma's hospital stay (looking better by the day), losing a credit/debit card, time off of school for D, conferences for preschool, and then in addition to all the normal craziness around our house I had the interview yesterday.  For the non tweeters, I will tell you that it went fantastic.  I felt really confident coming out of there that I nailed it.   I was told to expect a call in a week to ten days for a second interview.  Well four hours later . . . I got the call about a second interview. . . for today!

I'm doing my best to stay calm, but the coffee is kicking in.  What ever happy thoughts you guys were sending my way I fully endorse doing it again today.  Getting this job would mean a ton of scheduling nightmares with the wee one, preschool, daycare, kindergarten, and I can't wait to have to deal with it.  Seriously.  I would love to have those problems again.


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Interview Day

by JP on April 20, 2011


ot much to talk about this week.  I have my assignment help interview today.  Wish me luck.  I'll hopefully have some more info tomorrow, and a much more substantial post.  Time to be great!


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Saturday Zoo Day

by JP on April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday my family met up with my wife's sister and her family for a trip to the Minnesota Zoo.  We have a month left on our membership, and time to use it up.  Between budget cuts possibly shutting down some exhibits and new construction that began last fall the place might not be on our radar much this summer.  The farm babies are also beginning to grace us with their presence now too.  We saw baby chicks, baby goats, baby pigs(really hard not to steal one and escape with a new  pet), and a baby cow.  We walked a ton.

I can remember two years ago trying to make it around the zoo paths.  It was an absolute struggle.  I'd be winded so easily.  I'd be trying to talk the wee one into spending more time watching animals he could have cared less about.  My body would ache, and my back would torture me, and it was the sweetest relief to get back to the car.  Then of course we'd drive to a sit down joint and shovel food into my yap.   Nothing like taking calories burned and putting them back within 15 minutes and adding some 1500 more just for good measure.

Saturday was a good measure of how far I've come.  We started outside despite the below average temps in the Twin Cities.  I fully assumed that since it was colder than Hoth on a warm day we'd stay inside, but I thought wrong.  I was in a long sleeve shirt and undershirt.  I am the definition of a hearty Minnesotan.  I am also the definition of a moron husband who likely didn't listen to the wife and bring a coat.  Either way, I was encouraged to keep moving.  It was the best way to keep warm.  I was a machine.  Occasionally I'd check the fitbit that was resting in my pocket and was amazed at how many steps I was racking up.  I found distances of the paths somewhere and it all added up though.  We finally made it back to the main building and prepared for lunch.  It might have been an hour too late according to a certain little kid who calls me dad. Memo to parents, follow the HALT method for tantrums.  Hungry, angry, lonely, tired.  We were working on 3/4 of that by the time we sat down for turkey sammies, fruit, and such.  He was a completely different kid after some food.  We hit one more trail to finish off the entire park after lunch.  all in all it was a really good day.  I set a personal record for steps in a day since using my fitbit.

17,839 steps taken

8.61 miles traveled

So close to 18,000!

It all added up to me finding a new loop on the belt this morning.  It's about darned time! I love the feeling of my pants nearly falling off my butt because it time to shrink.

In other less happy news my grandmother is in the hospital again.  She has Lupus and put on 40+ lbs in water weight since the holidays.  The pain of swelling and other complications have seen her in and out the hospital several times over the last two months.  A new complication is pulmonary edema.  Fluid in the lungs.  It's not necessarily Lupus related, but it's not helping anything.  Imagine your panic attack if you woke up in the middle of the night not being able to breath.  It's also no help that she smoked the heaters for 50 years.  Priorfatguy public service announcement coming down in 3…2…1… Stop smoking you dummy.  I quit, you can too.  It's not worth it, stupid, stupid, stupid.  Every cig you light is another tiny nail in your coffin.

So as I step down off the soap box I once again ask for thoughts and prayers for my grandma and grandpa.  She's survived brain surgery from strokes and aneurysms.  She is one tough cookie, but there's nothing wrong with asking for positive vibes from a ton of really amazing people.

Thanks everybody, have a great week.


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Lessons from Baseball

by JP on April 15, 2011

Courtesy of my Minnesota Twins

In life you're gonna win some and you're gonna lose some.  Last night the Twins actually lost twice.  They blew an eight inning shutout by their ace-ish pitcher, came back and took the lead in extras (where I stopped paying attention), then they blew it again for the loss.  We have two closers on this team, and they each blew a save last night!  The good thing is that it's only the third week for pete's sake and there's seven freaking months left to play.

No matter how good you think you've got it going it can crumble in seconds.  Do you have the fortitude to keep on going though?  Can you keep coming back despite defeat? Inversely, can you see a gift weigh in for what it's worth. . .  when you know you didn't do a darned thing right, but still had a good result?

The thing for me is realizing that this whole thing is a marathon and not a sprint.  My least favorite cliche from major league baseball holds true though.  Can you trust in the system?  Can you trust in your tools?  Do you believe in yourself enough to overcome, when compared to the big picture, a very small obstacle?

Have a great weekend, and go read about the future priorfatgirl nominations!!


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Trainer Herm

by JP on April 13, 2011

I'm going to average my highest numbers via my fitbit this week.  It's going to happen because I say so.

I was up early today and honestly felt great.  I knocked out a couple miles yesterday afternoon on the treadmill and walking paths of town.  I racked up over 12,000 steps, and I am a 7,000 average kind of guy.  It was such a good day that it carried over to this morning.  I took care of my morning routine, and decided to run to the gym while the rest of the house was still sleeping.  It was a good call on my part because for the first time in a long time I got some Trainer Herm butt kicking.

I had planned on hitting the elliptical for forty five minutes and headed home, however Herm's morning appointment wasn't going to show, and he felt like working with some big ass rope.  The kind of big ass rope that will leave your shoulders and biceps crying.  Herm isn't into just muscle building though, we've got to get some extra cardio in while we play with the BAR.  So James needs to march while rolling the ropes.  James needs to jump as high as he can and slam the ropes though the floor.  James needs to test his coordination and roll both ropes clockwise while marching.  James needs to fan the flame of workout fever.  James needs a nap.

The B.A.R. being laid out for me!

Hard work isn't pretty, and some times requires a belly shot.

I promise that's the only time I'll ever speak in the 3rd person.  Ever.  Seriously.  I promise.


The next future priorfatgirl nominations are going up.  Please go take a look and leave a hello, a way to go, or anything for these awesome people.  It takes a lot to step up and believe me . . . those words of encouragement go a long way during a process like this.


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I'll take the stairs

by JP on April 11, 2011

The thousands of conscious and unconscious decisions are starting to add up for me.  With out running a 5k this was one of my more active weekends in a long long time.  After the slow walks though the local retail giant Lil D and I spent the entirety of Saturday afternoon outside.

We made Target Field. . .

We flew kites for an hour.  I never remember being able to let all the sting out and have it end well, but it did on Saturday.  I am a little disappointed in the neighbors though!  While we were out (3 friggin hours), we didn't see a single kid.  So at that point I decided we needed an adventure walk to find the kids.  ”Maybe the bad guys came and took all the kids, and made them go inside daddy?”  So we walked, and walked, and walked.  We found a couple kids, but at that point D was just focused on making it up the “big mountain” to see the horses at the farm across from our development.  My part time trainer was working my tail off running up the hill toward a busy street.  Nothing like a little fear to get you beatin cheeks up a nice hill!  Luckily enough, he stopped at the top and reminded me that he knows to stop for cars and wait for dad.  Whew!

We finished up a nice lap though the neighborhood and I grilled up some chicken breasts for a nice light pesto salad dinner.  It has been ages since I tried it, and i will be including it more often.  I blanched some snow peas, broccoli, and red peppers to join the party as well.  My mouth is watering again as I type this back up.


Sunday was a birthday party at the Minnesota Children's Museum and it's four stories of stairs.  Now this is where the decisions making comes into place.  As part of a group dynamic we are just wired to join into the pack mentality.  This includes mashing a ton of people into an elevator to go up 4 flights of stairs.  I admit I did it.  Granted we walked a block to get there, and I was already working up a big man in an awkward social situation sweat.  The party was for a little boy who is the son of one of my wife's good friends.  So I've really only seen these people a few time before.  No need to start the day sweating like a beast.

By the end of the trip though I was beginning to decline the elevator trips.  I'd hit the stairs and move to the next exhibit area.  The difference I feel compared to last year at this time is ridiculous.  I'd get winded waiting for the elevator last year!  Now, I'll occasionally skip a couple steps and bound up two at a time.  The little guy gets a kick out of it.  He reaches as far as he can with his leg and pulls him self up that extra stair.  ”Daddy, look. . . I didn't even touch that stair!”  I give him two years before he he takes two stairs at a time for the rest of his life!

One of the very few blurry photos available!

So we followed up the party with a little cup of ice cream and a 1.5″ X 1.5 in” piece of cake.  Unconsciously I took them, finished them off, and cursed myself.  I pulled out my fitbit and took a look though.  I was already over 11,000 steps for the day and still had a ways to go.  I like to think that I burned off that sugar on the walk back to the car and the stairs up though the parking garage.  It was a good weekend and I have some more 5k priorfatguy's way to do this week.

Something very, very cool took place today as well.  I along with several other awesome Twin Cities health bloggers were part of a great article in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune.  Please take a look.  It's so cool to see that in paper.  Katy you did a great job.  Thanks!


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Think like a Tiger

by JP on April 6, 2011

I had succumb to the fact that today was going to be a non blogging day, however I was watching SportsCenter and caught this sound bite from Tiger Woods.  Think what you may about the guy, but this one quote from his Master's presser just caught me.

In reply to a question about whether or not we've seen the best he has to offer Tiger said “No”, it was followed with a question about that being a dangerous way of thinking . . . He followed with this reply:

“I believe in myself, there's nothing wrong with believing in myself. . . I hope you guys feel the same way about YOURselves (to reporters). Ya know thats the whole idea, you can always become better.”

Leave the personal stuff he needs to get better at out of the equation.  A guy that can go two more years without winning a major and still be ahead of Jack's pace still feels there is something he can improve on.  Top athletes are always pushing, striving for something better.  The best have supreme confidence in their abilities.

In the last year I've taken strides to improve a lot about myself.  ”If not now, then when” was the feeling when I started.  It wasn't necessarily that I believed in ME and wanted to get better.  I've been a person who people have believed in much more than I could ever believe in myself.  I can tell you that working “outside the box” has helped me gain confidence in what I am doing, and more in myself.   Things like breaking 30 min 5k on the elliptical started a small ball rolling this winter, signing up and finishing a freakin 5k increased the pace of that rolling ball, and my plans for the summer are really snowballing.

I feel good.  Scratch that, I feel great.  I'm really starting to believe in ME a little more every day.  Thanks Tiger for bringing it the front of my thoughts.  Time to hit the pavement.  Be good!


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