Best Man

by JP on August 9, 2011

First I couldn’t be happier that the heat has finally broken here in the Northland. A high of 73 degrees had me bouncing around my little corner of the world. There is no love from me when it comes to anything over 85, especially with dew point

s over 60.

I had an outstanding weekend as I stood up for my long time friend. We grew up together from the age of four. He was like the brother I wanted instead of the middle brother I got. It was an honor for me to be his best man. He is as loyal a friend that a person could ever hope for. The bride is one lucky gal.

At some point I will he some of pictures of me in the tux. Despite my loathing of formal wear, I think I wore it well. I dislike how hot and sweaty they can make you feel. Our pictures outside were rough. The sweat was rolling down our website heads. I brought along some paper towels for blotting but it was a lost cause. The church wasn’t like any of the Catholic ones I grew up in. They had AC and knew how to use it. I was nearly forced to do a happy dance.

My eating wasn’t great. I stayed away from cake, but I had a fair share fully leaded sodas. The grooms diner was Italian, and I ate like my tux was too big. The heart burn from tomato sauce was a bummer that night too. Wedding night was buffet style and I was single at that point. The shame. I toasted the newlyweds and then proceeded to dance off as many calories as possible.

Today I read many of the recaps of the latest one breath, one step event. I really missed not being able to attend. The group of people is amazing and I’m glad everybody enjoyed it. I hope to see many of you soon!

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ragemichelle August 10, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Bah…it’s good to cut loose every once in a while! Heart burn be damned… I bet you looked quite dashing in your formal wear. :)


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